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University of Windsor Student Housing: Tenant Insurance

October 28th, 2013 · No Comments · Windsor Student Landlords Tenant Insurance

 Windsor student landlords tenant insurance

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Student Housing

We are lucky to have the University of Windsor in our city.

Not only does it generate economic growth, it provides a good stable tenant market for student landlords.

Renting to students can be a great way for a landlord to succeed.

Help Your Student Tenants Help Themselves

There was a really helpful story at the Ontario Landlords Association website about renting to students.

As a landlord you can help educated your student tenants on how to protect themselves.

At the same time you are helping protect your rental property investment.

Tenant Insurance

Many student renters don’t have renter insurance, or as it’s now more commonly known ‘tenant insurance.’

Many students don’t even know tenant insurance exists.

If they do know about it, they usually think it’s expensive or even not need and just a waste of money.

Teach Your Student Tenants About the Important of Tenant Insurance

Ask your students what happens if there is a break-in.

Or a flood.

What if someone steals their notebook computer?

Or the toilet overflows, leaks down the floor and destroys books and clothes?

What if there is a fire?

Tenant insurance protects the student tenant and is very inexpensive.

It can cost as low at $10 a month for a student tenant to be protected.

Windsor Student Landlords Tell Your Tenants Class Is In Session.

Help Them Help Themselves By Teaching Them The Important of Tenant Insurance.

To Discuss This And Other Landlord Questions Visit the Ontario Landlords Forum

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